Tim Yates




Helping you to access your entitlements

New Zealanders expect to rely on the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for support after they have suffered an injury, whether it be for treatment, compensation, or any of a multitude of other entitlements. After all, we all pay ACC levies, and it is not unreasonable to expect it to come to the party when we need help.  

Such support is precisely what thousands of claimants receive each year, promptly and without argument. That is the system working as it should. 

But for a significant number of New Zealanders that is not the experience they have with ACC. Their claims for cover and entitlements are declined, leaving them without the support they need after an accident, and reliant on the limited resources of the public health system and WINZ to support them through their recovery. Their only choice is to challenge ACC's decision by filing a review and taking the claim to independent adjudication.

However, ACC will always have the advantage over a claimant in any review. It is a large and very well-resourced organisation. The legislation and case law can be complex and difficult to navigate, And in most situations the claimant will have to prove ACC was wrong, rather than ACC having to prove it was right. The odds on a claimant succeeding look long, particularly given ACC will employ experienced case managers, review specialists or independent counsel to represent it before the tribunal

This is why instructing an independent accident compensation specialist can be the difference between success and failure at review. 

Deploying my 12 years experience specialising in accident compensation law in New Zealand - and 25+ years experience in the law generally - I help claimants rebalance the odds and get what they are entitled to from ACC.  

What clients say

Just want to let you know how much we appreciate all the hard work you have done in such a professional way, the outcome we have got is all down to what you have done.